Shelters United hits 1,000 members!

Shelters United, the First Group Purchasing Organization for Animal Welfare, Hits 1,000 Members

1-year anniversary of Shelters United and a milestone of 1,000 members


Shelters United, the first group purchasing organization (GPO) for animal welfare organizations, is celebrating its 1-year anniversary by hitting 1,000 members!

  • 1,000 dedicated teams of staff and volunteers.
  • 1,000 life-saving missions.
  • 1,000 Shelters United members working hard to make the world a better place for animals and people.


As the pandemic hit, Mal Schwartz, founder of Shelters United, saw a need to gather as many discounts as possible for shelters and rescues, and in July of 2020 Shelters United was born.

Since its 2020 founding, the group has grown to 1,000 members including private and municipal shelters, no-facility rescue groups, and spay and neuter clinics among other animal nonprofits. So far, our group purchasing organization has saved member organizations a total of $2.6 million!

“It’s the ultimate satisfaction to be able to help my friends in animal welfare reduce the cost of items they need to run their organizations and free up funding for everything from staffing to medical care.” said Mal Schwartz. “This is the culmination of everything I’ve been doing in animal welfare for over 40 years.”

A special thank you to our members for being part of Shelters United! Our members make Shelters United what it is, a group dedicated to saving more lives by uniting together.


Also, we extend a special thank you to the group’s distributor and manufacturer partners. Together with the Shelters United team, these partners have fought hard to deepen the exclusive offers and discounts for your organization!

These are a few of the amazing partner offers we negotiated for you:

Manufacturer discounts for Shelters United members

    • 1000’s of discounted supplies via MWI Animal Health, exclusive distribution partner for animal care products with 50K products, 1K manufacturers, and next day shipping
    • Save 15% on most supplies from Virbac, including a wide range of products like medicated shampoos, ear cleansers, and affordable options for Flea/Tick and Heartworm
    • Save 5% on Rescue™ Disinfectants – a powerful one-step cleaning and disinfecting product.
    • Save 15% on all BLUE Natural Veterinary Diets
    • Discounts on membership and conference attendance to AAWA (The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement), the leading organization for animal welfare organizations like you to find continuing education and networking opportunities


We’re here to make saving money easier – and we have for 1,000 of you – but there are many organizations struggling to care for animals in need! If you have the bandwidth, please pay it forward for the sheltering community by referring a fellow nonprofit in need.

Not only do you feel good about connecting a deserving team to much-needed discounts, but with a growing member base you also increase our bargaining power to negotiate even greater savings

Send them a link to to connect with our lovely team.

Our team can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.

Thank you, Shelters United Members!


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