Coaching to Level Up: Improving Adoption Outcomes

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We’re back with a panel of Petfinder experts ready to answer your questions and help you boost the number of eyes on your adoptable pets and organization on Petfinder. Whether you’re just starting out with Petfinder, or a seasoned user who wants to get in the “nitty gritty,” our coaches can help with:

✅ How can I get more inquiries on the pets I have?

✅ The latest details on adoption inquiry forms

✅ On-the-spot pet profile glow-ups of hard to place pets

✅ Plus, attend for your chance to win multiple prizes! Our coaches are here to support your organization’s life-saving efforts. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Presented by Shelters United In partnership with Petfinder



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Welcome to the Shelters United and Petfinder webinar

Mariah (Emcee): [00:00:12] Welcome, everyone. Thank you for joining us for today’s webinar. Coaching to Level Up Improving Adoption Outcomes. We are so incredibly grateful to spend the next hour with you. Thank you for joining us. I want to share that we have over 1200 animal welfare organizations registered today. So you are amid fellow colleagues and animal welfare professionals just like you from all across the nation. Let’s make the most of our use at the most use of our time today by jumping right into this wonderful contents. [00:00:47][34.5]

Mariah (Emcee): [00:00:48] My name is Mariah. I manage the marketing communications here at Shelters United, and I’m going to be your emcee for today’s webinar. So before we introduce our fabulous speakers, let’s talk a bit about why we are all here today. Today we are presenting coaching to level up improving adoption outcomes. Presented by Shelters United in collaboration with our partners at Petfinder and our last collaborative webinar, Shelters United and Petfinder shared ways to create a plea, formulate adoption profiles, and how to use pet finders goodwill tags to increase adoption opportunities for your hard to place pets.

If you missed this presentation, you can find the replay on the Shelters United blog. It was a wonderful webinar and I encourage you to go have a listen and follow up. This webinar will feature life coaching with On the Spot Pet Profile Makeovers. And first, we’re going to begin with a Q&A walkthrough of Pet Finders platform featuring ready to use tools and techniques. So we will be sharing a recording of today’s webinar. We’ll be showing that next week. So keep an eye out for the replay link and there will be a webinar on handouts. [00:02:04][76.2]


Agenda Review

Mariah (Emcee): [00:03:19] We’ll be kicking off today’s discussion with some wisdom from our friends at Petfinder, Katie, and just how we’ll be answering your most asked questions about Petfinder and the tools and the techniques for using the platform. Then Katie and Marcy are going to collaborate together to guide us through creative pet profile makeovers for a few hearts of place pets. And it’s going to be wonderful. You got to hear a little bit about their stories and our suggestions for making over their profile. We’re so excited about that.

And then finally, we’ll have a live Q&A with today’s panelists and marketing professionals so you can ask all your burning questions or maybe share the story of a pet that’s been hard to place for you so that we can share some ideas and inspiration. So we do have a full agenda today full of amazing adoption marketing content. So please stay tuned until the very end if you have the time. [00:04:17][57.6]

Mariah (Emcee): [00:04:20] We’ve got some prizes to give away for you, we’ll be giving away a one on one adoptions marketing consultation with our panelists. So you’ll be able to ask them some really specific questions about a particular pet or a concern you have. And then we’ve also got some pet finder swag, we’ve got some super comfy teams, Yeti Brands, Mug and some cool leashes. So stay tuned until the end. We’ll tell you how you can win some of these amazing prizes. All right, let’s get this party started. [00:04:55][35.0]


Introductions for our Petfinder panelists, Jessica Arnold and Katie Schmuke

Mariah, Emcee: [00:05:10] I am proud to introduce you to Katie. And Jessica, let’s talk about our first guest, Katie. Katie is a customer success specialist on Purina Pathfinder team. Her career started at the Central Missouri Humane Society as an adoption counselor, which eventually led her to a job at Purina. She manages animal welfare conferences for her team, and you may have seen her on the road in the past leading pet finder workshops current. Currently, she manages relationships with our Petfinder members and helps empower them to make the most out of their pet finder pages. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband and eight month old daughter, and she has two dog models and one rotten kitty. [00:06:44][46.0]

Mariah, Emcee: [00:06:52] We’ll also be hearing from Jessica Arnold. Jessica is a marketing manager for her Petfinder and Purina. Since 2018, Jessica has been building deep relationships with shelters and rescues, working to find the best possible homes for more than one point eight animals every year through Pet Finder. Also, during this time, Jessica has worked with their Purina Shelter champions to provide the best nutrition possible to the pets and our care as they await their forever homes. Prior to Purina, Jessica spent eight years leading the fundraising efforts for the Humane Society of Missouri. Jessica came to us all through an extensive fundraising career that bridged the visual and performing arts, social services and childhood cancer. Jessica shares her home with three dogs two teenagers and her husband of 19 years, Eric Eric. Please, ladies, take the stage and share your marketing wisdom with us. [00:07:46][61.5]


Answering Your Most Asked Questions About Petfinder

Jessica (Petfinder): [00:06:52] Thank you, Maria. So as Maria mentioned, this is kind of a part two of sorts from the webinar that we co-hosted with Shelters United earlier this year. We had an amazing time talking with all of you and doing some great kind of profile makeovers. And there are so many excellent questions that came out of that. And we heard from a lot of webinar attendees. We were just really, really inspired. So one person’s feedback in particular kind of give us all a good happy prize. So Katelyn, if you are out there again today, thank you for sharing this with us. I send it to the entire Petfinder team and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. This is why we come to work every day. That’s to help dogs like Rita find their soulmate. And so this kind of feedback got us to thinking what else we could do. The timing of the first webinar was really great, too, because after we had the webinar, we went to Animal Care Expo hosted by HHS US and it was really amazing to have folks come to the booth and say, We watched the webinar. We got to talk to you all about what you liked. We got to ask questions about what helped, and it was a great connection and it really built on the relationships that we hoped to have with all of you. So I’m mentioning that now because here we are, June 9th at this rate, webinar number two. And in a month, in just four short weeks, we’re going to be at the Best Friends National Conference in Raleigh. So if you’re attending that conference as well, if you’re on today, please come find us. We’re going to be in a booth right next to our partners at Shelters United. We want to meet you. We want to get more thoughts and feedback. We’re going to have awesome new T-shirt designs to give away, and we just really want to be able to connect. So make sure you find us if you’re going to be there. We would love to hear from you. So what all of this got us to thinking about on the next slide was. What can we do? What more can we do? And with all of the feedback and the questions we got from round one, we decided the best thing that we could do is host a session to specifically address some of the questions that are frequently coming up. But some myths about the platform and then really do some real time head profile makeovers to show in practice what we’re talking about when we’re making suggestions to improve the profiles on site. So we are hopeful that this is going to help get your pets into homes even more quickly. We are hearing from partners around the country that adoption of pace in demand is slowing. And if we can take a little bit of time to make profiles even stronger and get pets into homes even faster, or just spark a creative idea for you, all is well worth our time, and it’s time that we love spending with you. So Katie is going to jump in and talk through our first kind of myth buster for you. Yeah. [00:10:01][188.9]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:10:02] Hi, everyone. All right, we can jump into the next one. I’m going to start off with just a quick housekeeping reminder for your pet accounts. Please do not ever, ever, ever share your password. So sometimes y’all, I mean, just in general with email, not even just our platform, but I get emails like this all the time asking to link something to my social media account or sharing a password or upgrading a membership on something. So Petfinder currently does not ask for your password unless you have asked us to reset it. And even then we’ll send you a direct link to Petfinder to reset your password. So please do not click on any kinds of links to link your social account or upgrade your petfinder membership. That is not a thing right now. So and I will also caution that you can absolutely share your pet, find your pets to social media, but you can do that right within your pet finder account so you don’t have to do any other kinds of logging into your Facebook accounts or anything like that. So please do not share your password. And if you’re ever in doubt, you can email outreach at petfinder dot com and we can put that maybe in a chat or we’ll send it out. But it’s just outreach at Petfinder dot com. If you have any questions, if anything looks a little sketchy and you just want to run it past, someone will usually get back to you within 24 hours. So. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go into some FAA cuz. All right.

So far and beyond, the number one question that we get from our PETFINDER members is why do I disable to ask about Button? So you can go on to the next slide here? And for those who aren’t familiar, I’ll just give you a little bit of background on this because this has been a couple different names over the last couple of years. So it started as ask about and then it eventually went on to introduce myself and now it is start your inquiry. So as some background in the past, oh let’s say five years, we introduced this ability to ask about the pet and people are our pet finder members would get inundated with questions about these pets that were in their care that sometimes the answer was already in the pet profile. And I can just picture some people I idea thing that everyone has their camera on because I know some people are probably trying to throw things at their computer right now, but people were inundated with questions and we got a lot of complaints about that. So we heard it loud and clear. And so our goal with the next iteration of this was to rework this form so that it was less quantity of inquiries that were coming in and a higher quality of inquiries. So we required everyone who was asking a question to kind of fill out a form in advance just to give the shelter or rescue a little bit more background on the person to show that maybe they were a little bit more serious and not just asking questions to ask questions. And so this is when we called it the introduce myself functionality. And then we started getting inundated with complaints and people saying, wait, I’m not getting any inquiries. So it went from being way too much to not getting any at all. So we got a lot of requests to undo whatever we just did. So in August of 2021, we kind of dialed everything back and we made this button as start your inquiry so that people kind of knew, you know, I’m asking about this pet. This is not me applying for the pet. I am not I’m hopefully going to be asking a specific question and reading through the profile before I submit any kind of question about them. So as of right now, we believe inquiries have returned to somewhat normal, but we are still working and this is a process that’s going to be ongoing and we’re going to keep perfecting it is we want to we want to really have our members getting these quality inquiries from people who are really serious about adopting their pets. We know you’re all busy and we don’t want to waste your time with inquiries of information that’s already in the pets profile. So we’re trying to get it as best we can. I will say, if you ever have any suggestions, our outreach team is constantly providing feedback to our tech side of the business, so you can always e-mail suggestions to outreach dot com and we’re more than happy to hear them and write them down. And I will go on to the next slide here. This just kind of shows you what to ask about and introduce myself and inquiry kind of looks like. And this is kind of comparing the pets to the adopter here. So it’s just kind of a nice little visual lets you know what the, what you see on the adopter side of everything. And so now it will pass it over to Jessica for the next one. Though. I think my camera’s coming back on. There I am. Okay. [00:15:16][314.7]

Jessica (Petfinder): [00:15:17] So it’s completely frustrating when you swear something is changed on site and you don’t know what that is. And we get it. You’re you’re overworked. You’re trying to literally save lives. And you just need to know if people are inquiring about your pets and if they aren’t, why. So we understand that sometimes you just want to know what’s been done to the site. But here’s the truth to the question that we get really frequently about what we’ve done to pet finders algorithm. So if you want to have the next slide, this is the honest truth to that question. Pathfinder search results are based on the search criteria that the pet seeker is using, so it’s really that simple and basic. The pet seeker enters what they’re looking for and the platform returns it, and there are some limited things that pet seekers can filter by like nearest, farthest, oldest, newest kind of stuff, but there’s really not anything beyond that. So when you’re thinking or questioning if your pet is getting use or if the pet profile is being seen, or why they aren’t getting as many increase as you would expect happen to our next most commonly asked question. If you swear that your pets aren’t getting seen and your pet needs to be returned in. Search Results More often. Here is my best suggestions for you on the next slide.

Check to see if the pets listing has the health and behavior traits tags in them, and this will make sure that the pet is matching with pet seekers more easily. So if you look over at the right half of the screen, you’ll see the strong match and the good good match flags on these pets images. That’s because I entered pet seeking criteria or filters in the center of this slide. Underneath the will flag it headline you’ll see breed age, size, gender and you’ll see that I have some of those indicated. So that’s how I decided to narrow my search. And then the resulting return is those animals that are marked as a strong match or a good match or it looks like Little Miss Marvel is maybe a match in some areas, but not as strong or as good as the other ones here. So essentially, if you are able to tag that pet, we can then flag it for potential pet seekers and potential adopters. So it does take time and we are asking you to do take an action step if you think something is wrong to go in and check that pet’s profile, but it allows you to accomplish more and potentially match that pet up. So the next slide is a little bit of fact offering for you all to talk more in depth about using those tags. Does it really matter? Because yes, you are busy. And the answer is it kind of does.

I mean, almost 40% of search result sessions use at least one filter. And to quantify that for you all, in the past six months, there have been 124 million pet searches on Pet Finder. That’s 124 million. So 39% of those are using at least one filter, meaning that 48 million pet searches on our platform have used at least one of those filters that we’ve just talked about. To me, that matters. And here’s the thing. If you have gone in as a pet seeker and used our pet seeker profile tool that Katie kind of talk through, it’s kind of fun. And, you know, pet seekers are in a happy mood and who doesn’t love an online quiz? And it’s a quick 62nd Q&A that they run through that just helps them create what they’re looking for and then applies that to pet searches for them. So when you’re not getting the views that you would expect, make sure that that pet’s special characteristics are called out and that their distinguishing features are highlighted, and then they are more likely to be connected with seekers in the area that you’re you’re offering pets in. So this was kind of the tip of the iceberg for us, a little bit of an aha moment. And we started looking much more closely at pet seeking behaviors.

So on the next slide. I’m going to share some of the learnings that we’ve gathered so across all searches that use a filter. Age is the filter most often selected. Not shocking that in among that young and baby are most commonly selected. But something that I found interesting a quarter of all dog searches that use an age filter are selecting adult or senior. And if we set age aside completely, there’s a little bit of nuance between cats and dogs. So cat searchers are more interested in coat length and color. Dogs searchers were more interested in size and breed. When I thought about this, it kind of made sense to me because I’ve been hearing that our large blocky headed friends are spending a little bit more time in shelters and are the ones that are moving a little bit more slowly. So to answer the adorable little dude in the middle of it seems that small dogs are still moving. Okay. And I’m not trying to make light of that situation. I know that you all are struggling with this problem in very real terms every single day. But as we start to look at these kind of little bits of wisdom at Petfinder, we’re trying to start to dove into the why behind it. So if we can start to understand the hesitation of potential pet seekers to large dogs, we can start to communicate and we can start to equip you all with the tools to communicate to potential adopters the benefits of bringing a medium to large sized dog into the home. Personally, I tend to prefer them because I actually think that they’re a little bit more calm than their tiny counterparts. And it seems to me I’ve always felt like the best apartment dog is a gigantic one because all they want to do is sleep all day for real. So we’re kind of dipping our toe into all of this research and and background. And so I wanted to give you a couple of more insights on the next slide. This adorable little guy is asking a very serious question here. This was a fun fact that I would love to get your guesses on. And I think for our next webinar, we’re going to need to do some polling and we’re going to see if you all can answer these questions with what pet seekers were actually replying with. So can you all guess the most preferred color searched by both dog seekers and cat seekers? Katie Marcy you all chime in because I know I asked this question to you both. What was your initial response? This totally shocked me. I’ll be honest, it kind of blew my mind. So I won’t share it. But as as the mama who has. And a cat of color. It was meaningful. Like a like a yellow or golden kind of color. Brown was saying, I know this is shocking. So the color of the slide is your answer. It was black. That is the most preferred color that is searched by both dog seekers and cat seekers. So while it’s 11% and 18% respectively, that’s still the highest percentage for both categories. All of the other colors are less than a percentage, less than this percentage. So, I mean, coming from a place that had a black dog club for adopters, I mean, I know the struggles that they face and I know the struggle of photographing the dark face in the dark kennel like this is mind blowing to me that there’s actually a preference that’s syndicated out there. Another factoid that we recently uncovered that, well, half of all dog and cat searches were small, which we mentioned earlier. A full quarter of cat searchers were looking for large and extra large cats. Like who would have thought that that that they wanted gigantic cats which that I like big cats and I cannot live going in my head for some reason.

But if you want to hop over to the next slide, really what all of these little tidbits of information are hopefully going to do for you all is give you a little bit of insight into pet seeking behaviors and hopefully empower you to create more engaging and more relevant pet postings like perhaps calling out a giant, fluffy kitty. Maybe that’s going to be attractive to someone in a way that we did not know was even desired. So our hope is that we’re going to help you create strong, appealing pet listings that are going to quickly match. And we’re going to continue to do this kind of research and return these insights to you all and future webinars. So I hope you will make a point to attend whenever possible. Now I’m going to hand it back to Mariah and get into the rest of the program. [00:25:14][597.1]


Introduction to a Member of the Marketing Team at Shelters United, Marcie

Mariah (Emcee): [00:25:44] Before we move on to our Pet Profile makeovers, I’d like to introduce you to our next speaker, Marci Gruber. If you follow our Shelters United Facebook page, Marcy is the voice of Shelters United on social. She started in animal welfare as a part time employee of an animal center, and over a decade later, she’s still using social media as an engine to save and enhance the lives of pets across the country. Marcy is a veteran public speaker and has taught professional social media practices to animal shelters and rescues, empowering them to voice and share their unique visions online. She enjoys reading, gardening and traveling with her family. She currently lives in San Diego, California, with her husband and rescue pup Ginger. So take it away, Katie and Marcy, for our profile makeovers. [00:26:38][54.2]


On-The-Spot Pet Profile Makeovers

Jessica (Petfinder): [00:26:42] All right. So we are so excited about this. This was you know, it’s something that’s for work, but it’s also like really fun. Like we really, really enjoy putting this together. So basically we asked some of our attendees from the last webinar to submit some of their harder to please pets and pets that have been in their care or on petfinder that just weren’t really moving the way that they would like to see. And we had them submit all these profiles to us and we picked some to do makeovers on. And for anyone who is attending, who submitted a pet that we do not feature and we will be following up today or tomorrow with we we couldn’t say no once we started getting into all of these. So we’ve been we’re just going to do all of them. So your mom is sending you your own personalized feedback that’ll be coming from me. And, you know, even maybe I’ll kick myself. If you’re ever curious about why one of your pets isn’t really moving on petfinder and you want some suggestions, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us at either outreach app and or dot com and they’ll be able to send it right over to me and so sorry to my outreach team that’s on it. [00:27:42][59.8]

Jessica (Petfinder): [00:27:45] All right. We can go to our first example here. So this is Dalia. And she I think one of the first things that we noticed about her is she’s already got some awesome pictures. So a little bit of background. I know you can’t really read the entire profile here, but what we do know about Dalia is she needs to be the only pet she would be best with older kids or no kids. And she does have a little bit of separation anxiety. So we want to make sure that she has a really awesome profile and that she is really appealing and eye catching. So the first picture you can see of her, she’s kind of looking off in the distance. You know, when people are scrolling pet finder in general, I would love to make this comparison and you’ll hear me say it throughout the rest of the presentation, and you’ve probably heard it if you were at any adoption options workshops in the past. But when people are scrolling through sometimes hundreds of pets at a time on the site, if you have a picture of a pet where they are making eye contact with the camera, that can kind of stop an adapter in their tracks and make it feel like they’re making eye contact with the pet as they’re scrolling online. So if you have a picture of this pet making eye contact, that would be an awesome photo. But if not, we don’t have any for Dalia right now. So we want to lead with a really captivating, unique photo so we can go on to the next slide here. And this is kind of what her after would look like. So we led with that adorable, yawning photo. I maybe it’s just me, but I am a sucker for a yawning photo. But just some general some general recommendations that we have here. So number one, and this will go for if you are receiving feedback from me at any point, I will tell you, do not forget you can utilize video in your pet profile. So really we don’t recommend anything longer than like 7 to 10 seconds. So that’s kind of the average attention span that we’ve got here. So even if it’s something really simple, like taking a tree or sitting or being petted gently, just these little kind of ways that finder adopters can visualize this pet in their home or themselves with this pet. So just a quick video. Don’t forget, you can utilize those that will set your pet apart almost immediately. Number two, I would say add a little bit about your organization’s adoption process at the bottom of the profile. So you do have the ability to link out to your adoption application if you want. You can put that in the pet’s profile. Some organizations do it right away, some put it towards the end. I would recommend towards the end so that they can read through about the pet and make sure that they’re interested before applying. Number three, I said, if there are any pictures of you making eye contact with the camera, that would help get a better look at her. And then I know Marci has the same feedback, but if there are any photos that you have of volunteers with her or any any staff members who are willing to have their photo put on Petfinder. This does a couple of things. Number one, it helps them picture the size of the pet. It helps them kind of see that, oh, this pet is good with other people and maybe they they would do well with me. It helps them visualize themselves with. And then another the last piece of the last suggestion or feedback that I have on my end from the pet finder perspective is don’t forget that if you are wanting to add any kind of breed, whether it’s so we have the mixed breed option. But you if you have a general idea of what kind of breed group she is, you can add that in the profile, even if it’s just something like Shepherd mix, hound mix, lab mix. If you have any idea of what they’re mixed with, we do know that people are coming to the site and they are searching by breed. So anything that can kind of help your pet stand up a little bit, stand out a little bit more, we would recommend that. All right. And we will go on to Mercy’s feedback. [00:32:20][274.6]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:32:21] So I for her profile. What really struck me about Dalia is that she had all these skills that she already knew. She was trained create trained nondestructive and not only in her old profile. You guys had written that she was 1,000% all those things. So I really took it to mean that like she’s plug and play, like you can bring her home. She knows the rules, she’s respectful of your space, she’s respectful of your staff and potential adopters really want to know, like, how much training time I’m going to have to put into this new family member. So really adding what she can do already right in the front top of her profile, I felt was important. And also for creativity. I did Photoshop, some Dahlia Flowers and a flower crown. Her name is so beautiful. And Dalia evokes, you know, especially now that it’s early summer, late spring in some places, you know, the flowers are starting. That’s such a beautiful image. And so really capitalize on her name and her beauty. And so if if, you know, if a real flower crown isn’t legit, like she won’t fly with that, you could always do some creative photoshopping like I did. No problem. But really, photos of her in a home environment showing off that she’s has all these home skills already, I think would be really, really valuable and would really sell her what she can bring to your home and what she can already do. Okay, next one, Katie. All right. [00:33:58][97.4]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:33:59] So this is Nick Glass and he is at Bay County Animal Rescue, and he is a very handsome boy. So the first thing that we noticed here is he also has some good photos. So the first thing that I noticed with his profile is that it has a video bonus points for having a video and its ads. We can’t play the video on here, but excuse me, it’s just a video of him zooming around the yard with with another dog. So I love that they have a video. That being said, I would not leave the profile with the video just because you can’t get a clear picture of what he looks like. And again, always have the perspective of if somebody is scrolling through hundreds of pets, what are they going to? What’s going to stand out? So I would recommend grabbing another photo and I’ll show that in a second. But what I did want to call out here, I believe this is on the next slide is cropping. So sometimes if you’re manually adding photos, they will get automatically cropped. Give me. So a quick way to fix that or check to see if if you can fix that is you’ll go into edit for that pet and then you’ll see this little crap button right next to each photo. And then we can click into the next part of the slide and it’ll show you how you can kind of recenter that box around his face. And so that’s just something really quick and easy. And then Fayette County Animal Rescue, if you’re watching, I already did this for the pictures in his profile, so you don’t have to worry about him. But that is that is something I would recommend. Just if you if you’re noticing that these photos are coming up a little bit cropped, you can go in there and it’ll take 5 seconds to fix. And we can jump into the next slide for Nicholas. So the first one, I love this photo of him. I think he’s very handsome. And I just look at those adorable jowls and it just went on scratching. So I would start that with that photo. I think it’s really evoking. It just shows how stoic and handsome he is. And then I would follow with the videos so that people can see see him in action, quite literally. The next one is that so lets you feed your pet characteristics? It’s kind of hard to see here, but whenever you’re entering this pet you can think of just a few words that could describe him in this organization. Deb Use those. So I would recommend leading with positive traits and then said that he was a little wary, a little nervous. So I would definitely include that, but maybe a little bit towards the end. So start off with what’s going to set him apart and what are these really great traits. And then followed by, you know, he’s a little wary. He’s, he takes time to open up. So. All in all, this was a unique kind of profile where I didn’t have much feedback because he really does have and he’s got a great profile already. It’s just kind of little tweaks that I would make just to make it stand out from a pet finder perspective. Passed it over to Marcy because she has some really fun feedback too. Yeah. [00:37:14][194.7]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:37:14] So his profile, first of all, he needs the muscle for like this dog is so gorgeous and beautiful and I just felt that he needed a muscle shirt, just one of those guys. And also what really struck me was his name. And again, a great name can really sell a pet online, especially when you’re schooling. If they have a really interesting name, it’ll stop people in their tracks. So I actually looked up glass and the fact that the owl is also capitalized in the middle is also really interesting. And his name means victor of the people in German, I believe. And so I use that as a way, as a fun fact to really kind of lead into his story that he is a champion. He’s overcome a lot of issues. You’ve come a long way, and we would love nothing more than like our love champion to find a forever home. And also, what I really loved about what you guys wrote in his original profile was you gave a review from his foster family. And I have the notes here. It says, his foster mom says he has no problem being loved on and even giving kisses. He has not barked once since he’s been there. So again, leading off with his what he can do, how he’s respectful, he doesn’t bark. He really loves being kissed. And I would say when you when we do his profile that his foster family raved about him, you know, we use words like that because this family obviously loved him so much and love caring for him really evokes that in into the profile. When you do give a foster family reveal and yeah, pump your fosters for that info, it’s so important. And also for him, I would say he is kind of like a chill vibes kind of guy from what I got from reading about his profile. So I thought like a beach blanket photo shoot would be fun for summer that he’s like such a beefy guy, but he has a really sweet side. Maybe if there’s some photo opportunities where he’s strong, that he’s sweet, or maybe an iconic reveal, like he gets five stars and affection, cuddling, snapping every single corner of the yard as well. He just seems like a really like like you want to just kind of dove into his personality and get to know him more. So I loved learning about Nicholas. He was awesome. I came. And it causes a lot of pain. All right. [00:39:42][147.6]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:39:42] So the next one we have as a two for one. Margot and Mila, they are a bonded pair with Refuge Kitty Cat Rescue. So Margot and Mila are, like I said, a bonded parent. This is what we see a lot of on petfinder. We get a lot of questions. That’s why I was really, really happy that this was submitted and will go into I guess I’ll start with some background on them. So they are a little bit of a medical case. So I believe Margot is or Mila sorry is the one who is deaf, has a couple of medical issues. But what we don’t really see at first until you get into the photos and I can’t wait to see the photos on the next slide, but they they are super bonded and they really help each other since since Mila is deaf. So let’s go on to the next one and you’ll see the adorable photos. Oh, so and so again with this this on the bottom right of the kisses. So as you probably know where I’m going with this, I love that there is a video in the profile and I would recommend leading with an adorable photo maybe of one of them giving a kiss that really was cheek. So we’ll go go on to the next one here. And these are kind of afters. So I would recommend leading with that photo because it’s just so unique and so sweet and I think really kind of just showcases how much love that they have for each other. Like that feels like their whole profile and one is helping each other out. So from a pet finder perspective, some of the feedback that we have and maybe some some suggestions that we have. So and first and foremost, we get a lot of questions about bonded pairs. So. What we typically recommend since we don’t have a bonded pair of feature on Defender yet. One of the suggestions we always gave is to put it somewhere in the name. So some people will say bonded pair Margot and Mila or Margot and Mila bonded. Putting it somewhere in the name section is just going to help adopters understand that, okay, these come together. This is a bonded pair. Or if they have questions, they can reach out to you. So it at least kind of introduces them to that language. The next. Recommendation we have aside from leading with that great photo and utilizing bonded pair within the name is it sounds like these girls and I know it’s kind of hard to read the profile you definitely don’t have to. They’ve been through a lot and they deserve a really amazing home. So we would recommend leading this profile with all of the amazing personality traits, followed by highlighting some of the care that will be required so that entering Purina did some really great research on Hard to place pets, and we specifically did a section on pets that had medical needs. And what we found was that pets, when you lead the profile with the work that was required, followed by their personality traits, it made adopters less likely to ask more about them. But adopters or profiles that led with the positive traits followed by the medical care that is required, just switching that order of those made them one and a half times more likely to adopt that pet. So that would be our recommendation and that site be the next little bit of information I have here. And next suggestion is don’t forget to add some information in there about adoption. A little bit about your adoption process. And last but certainly not least, since these girls will require quite a bit of extra care, consider adding in how you as an organization are able to support them if you are able to support them. I think a lot of adopters, if they see a medical case, they kind of think they’re going to be on their own after adoption. But if you have already put so many resources into these pets and so much time, if you’re able to kind of connect them with with some post-adoption support, put that in the profile so that they know they’re not going to be alone. So I will hand that over to the next part of let’s see. [00:44:07][265.1]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:44:09] I loved Margot and Mila so much. And I think what really struck me was that this is a love story. It’s just a love story between two spirits. And so when I rewrote their profile, I also reframed it for a Charles Dickens. It’s a heartwarming tale of two kids, but how they’re best friends who have proven their loyalty and love for one another through the ups and downs of life. And I think with bond and peers, and especially because Mila is deaf and I got the sense that Margo was I know when it said when Mila was napping, Margot would go up every morning and wake her up. And even though Mila is deaf, Margot would still me out her and chirp at her like it’s time to get up. Come on, let’s enjoy the day. And so it feels like they help each other and they support each other. And for any bonded pair, you have to really highlight what they offer for one another and tell their story that way, because it it brings in the storytelling themes that we all love. Like we all love like a love story. A story about overcoming odds. A story about unending friendship. Like stranger things. That’s what Stranger Things is about. It’s all about friendship and overcoming together. And so utilizing story themes with that, I feel is very powerful. And this story is very powerful in that way as well. Your photos are amazing. Like, I can’t say anything wrong about them. They’re absolutely gorgeous. And I also like that you framed the health issue in a way that the cure is a little bit mitigated in that. Like you stated that Margot takes her medicine like a champ, which is for anyone who’s ever built a cat. It’s like, Yes, I want that cat. How awesome is that? An extra idea I had was to get this pair in front of people more often. Perhaps on social media, you could do like a weekly caption contest with all your amazing photos. Pick one photo, or because they’re so in love with each other. They have a lot of relationship experience. So you could do like a relationship column. Ask Marlo and we a Margot and Mila your relationship advice and they would give advice back. I thought that would be a fun way to share them. Yeah. So go ahead, Katie, with the next one. [00:46:25][136.7]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:46:28] All right, huggable. Josie, which bonus points to you for the name? I love this name. Josie is a couple quick facts about Josie is she is five five positive and she has no teeth. So we will go on to the next one here with her after. All right. So first thing we did here was just update the photos so you can see her beautiful eyes kind of looking into the camera. And the next suggestion we have is, don’t forget a link to your adoption application or just your adoption process. The next thing I want to talk about here, which is kind of unique to Josie, but really to anyone who has five positive cats in their care, is to try to remember what it was like before you knew what that meant. So not all adopters know much about what HIV positive means. So just try to try to explain that a little bit, that they can live a life just as happy and long as any other cat. So try to include a little bit of information about that, along with some of the care that’s going to be required in the profile. And then again, if you have any more photos or if you have a video of her, I’ll never stop saying that. Add a quick little video of her, even if it’s playing with a little feather toy or just kind of running around doing a little zooming if you can pass it. I will. I will. [00:47:57][89.1]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:47:57] I mean, it’s such a powerful name, huggable Josie. Like, it immediately wants me to see a photo of her hugging someone or being hugged. So I would definitely recommend doing that. Like you state that she is huggable. So why don’t you, instead of telling people, really showing people her skill and that and also her story on how she was she so exceptionally sweet and lovable. Even in her, she was rescued from a colony, but she was so friendly and outgoing when she was rescued and even when she had her space surgery, she was found nuzzling her care team after her stay. I just think that’s so powerful and that’s sharing her personality through her storytelling was how I rewrote her profile. And also I thought I got a little kind of a dorky inspo from her story. So I rewrote the puppet Kami maybe in Josie’s story, so use it, if you will. But I’m an I’m not going to sing it, but I’ll say it so it says, Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I love you. So pat me, maybe I was found in this kitty colony, but I came right up and purred like crazy. Hey, I just met you My love ain’t lazy So take me home so I could be your baby. I just think she’s so lovable and sweet that someone would read that and like, immediately just want to take her home. But definitely using those personality her like your mood, her attitude and her opinions on really showcasing her how amazing and sweet she is. So I love Josie. And last one, creepy. All right. [00:49:34][96.9]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:49:35] Last but certainly not least is Kaine from Montgomery County Animal Services. And I am so glad that we had an animal care organization, animal control organization, submit their pet, because I know that maybe for some folks on the call you’re thinking, gosh, this is all great if I had the time to write these profiles. So this is I understand that time is definitely a factor. So with Cain, we don’t we have a great photo and a really amazing photo of him. He’s very handsome, but we don’t really have much else other than he’s a handsome boy with energy to spare. So from here, we can go on to the next slide. Perfect. Really quick things you can do add in those characteristics. Those are just one words like quick little one word descriptors you can put into the pet finder profile. Don’t forget to utilize this good with tags. That is something that we honed in on on the last presentation. If you weren’t here, it showed that using our good with tags with their, you know, if they’re good with other pets, kids, cats, any other animals that actually reduced their time on our Petfinder site by 20 days? That is insane. So if that’s the very bare minimum you can do is those characteristics and the good with tags, utilize those and try to add ins and just short and sweet information. Marcy’s got some really great suggestions on that, so I won’t steal her time too much and then just try to utilize your volunteers as much as you can, even if it’s putting a quick little Post-it note next to his kennel and writing one word that the volunteer can think of while they’re out interacting with each other and putting that in the profile. So just something quick and easy like that. But Kane is a very handsome boy, and I’m working on his profile, so I’ll toss over to my. [00:51:30][115.3]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:51:32] Yeah, he is super, super cute and not a lot of info, which we sometimes don’t have a lot of info. Someone’s new or we’re busy. So I like that this was a bit of a challenge and I all I know is that he yeah, he had a lot of energy. He loved to play games. He loved to play Batman. So I kind of rewrote his profile as if he was like a four legged baby sitter who will, like, run your kids ragged for you and everyone will be tired by the end of the day because he’s so busy entertaining all your family members. That’s the way he’ll contribute to your family. But playing endlessly fetch anything and say and that he even invents his own games to play with himself and with other people, which I thought was a little bit like Mary Poppins. But really his personality described as like I mentioned and we talked about this in the webinar previously as well, where moods, attitudes and opinions really describing those will help you write a profile, even if you only have, say like 5 minutes or 10 minutes to do so. Also, like what? What title would he get? Would he be a class clown? Would he be the four legged babysitter? You know, is he the greeter of your family? How would he how would he fit into a family? So someone would read his profile. They can imagine him in their life. So answering those questions about what is their ideal family, what are their gifts and strengths, and what can they offer a family? [00:53:00][88.2]

Marcie (Shelters United): [00:53:01] And we’ll end with Rita. So sweet. I love this story so much. And thank you, Caitlin, for being so generous with your time and giving the deets on Rita’s story. So what Caitlin did was that she attended our last webinar and she tried a new kind of event because when you get pads in front of people and let them do the hard work for you, they’ll just make people fall in love with themselves because that’s who they are. And so giving a potential adopters to see them and meet them and interact with them before maybe knowing all the health stuff. A potential adopter may overlook that because the aunt too late met Rita in love with her. She’s got to go home with me, which is what happened. Path of Hope did a long termer adoption event where they brought some long termers to a local brewery. They had a meet and greet and Rita found her home. She made it literally. Someone said, Dude called this friend to come down here, your dog is here, you need to adopt this dog. She’s amazing. And so this guy, her her new dad came to the brewery that Rita fell in love and that was it. And so Rita did all the hard work for us and made someone follow with her. Cause she’s the sweetest and she’s so happy now. And I’m so glad that we got to just play a little part in helping her find a forever home. So I’ll turn it back over to Mariah for a question. [00:54:32][90.6]


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Live Q & A with Marketing Professionals

Mariah (Emcee): [00:57:24] And we’re going to jump back to the live Q&A. So we’ve got some great questions, ladies. And I am going to ask this to the Petfinder team. It’s asking, if you update a profile or photos of a pet, does it get bumped up to the top and does it act as like a new search results? [00:57:49][25.1]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:57:55] So unfortunately, the answer is no, it does not. Like Jessica said, with our algorithm, everything is pretty much randomized. So it does not get any kind of even if new pets don’t necessarily get a priority, older pets don’t get a priority. So it’s all it’s all randomized. But that is an excellent question. Yeah. [00:58:16][20.3]

Mariah (Emcee): [00:58:18] We have somebody asking, are you able to add an age range for children that they might be better suited for? [00:58:25][7.0]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:58:27] Excellent question. That is something we talk about all the time on our hands here. So I think right now we are working on or either Jessica can correct me if we released this already, where when we say child, we define it as eight. So they’re good with kids up to eight or eight and above. So that’s kind of the age range that we have right now. Now, as you know, specifically what age range you would recommend, we would just say, put that in the profile. If you’ve tested them with a ten year old and they did great. Put that in there. And, you know, of course, say we would recommend a meet and greet with any kids younger than that age range if you’re concerned. Okay. [00:59:14][46.8]

Mariah (Emcee): [00:59:16] Did you want to add anything, Jessica? [00:59:17][1.0]

Katie (Petfinder): [00:59:18] I’m actually looking at a message from our tech team right now. The plan is to update our pet upload that will show kids over under eight, but it’s not live yet. So when Katie said you’re coming, are already they’re coming. I got it. Right. [00:59:34][16.0]

Mariah (Emcee): [00:59:38] All right. We have a question about shelter software. So we have someone that uses a shelter software like Pet Point and they’re wondering if there’s anything in the works to include help and behavior options within the automated feeds. [00:59:53][15.8]

Jessica (Petfinder): [00:59:56] So we are developing our relationships with a number of shelter software partners in a future state. Yes, we would like more seamless kind of important information from Pet Point into Pet Finder. So again, coming, we’re not quite there yet. [01:00:12][15.4]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:00:17] Let’s see. [01:00:18][0.6]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:00:19] And I do the hills like Rapid Fire. [01:00:20][1.2]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:00:25] Another kind of question what happens after we reply to an inquiry? A lot of people are saying they’re not getting our responses. [01:00:31][6.2]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:00:34] I would say if you’re not if you know people are not getting your responses I would email help find your at home. So ideally when they send an email through the adoption inquiry form that will go to whatever email address is connected to the profile on your end as a shelter or rescue. Now ideally when you reply to them, it will go directly back to the email address that they emailed you from. Now, I would always recommend to check the junk folder because sometimes it does tend to end up going into the junk side, but. But yeah, that’s what I would recommend. But if you’re noticing that it’s something consistent, I would just send an email over to our help team help finder dot com. Hmm. [01:01:17][43.2]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:01:19] And when you say junk folder, that makes me think of what the address would be coming from that reply to address. Is that something they can say, Oh, look for this email address. That’s where it would be sending from. [01:01:32][13.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:01:34] I do think so. And I can’t think of that email address off the top of my head. [01:01:40][6.1]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:01:42] But it’s part finder’s email address and not something like that. [01:01:45][3.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:01:46] It’s kind of a longer email address. I want to say it’s not like someone at Petfinder dot com. [01:01:49][3.8]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:01:54] All right. A question that Marcia might be able to share your expertize on as well. Somebody is asking if you guys recommend a certain length for a profile. [01:02:02][8.7]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:02:06] I would I would say something that is. Easily read or scannable if you noticed in the profiles that I that I read that I wrote. There are some parts that are bolded, so you can definitely use that because people only have a limited time, especially on the Internet. You know, it’s if something is is read in probably under 20 to 30 seconds, it’s probably what I would recommend. So if you do have a longer story like Margot and me, the story is is longer because it had a lot more information about both of them and what they need to to live in a have a successful home. Definitely. If you’re writing on a like a newsletter or a, you know, another form or even on social media you can use on if you Google Instagram fonts, you can actually change the font. So something is bolded, something that is easily scannable and also break up. Don’t use long paragraphs, but break up the paragraphs a little bit easier so it’s easier to be read and digested in a shorter amount of time, but probably not something that’s longer than 30 seconds to be read on the internet. Yeah. [01:03:22][76.7]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:03:24] All right. I’ve got some more questions. If you ladies are fine, just stay over for a little bit to continue. [01:03:31][7.0]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:03:31] On, for sure. Yeah, definitely. [01:03:33][1.5]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:03:34] If anybody does need to join or to jump off, rather, I just want to share the Petfinder email if you guys had any questions regarding your Petfinder listings or account Katie shared outreach app finder dot com for any supporter and then look for that replay email and the downloadable might also want to share that we have a new Pet Finder webinar in the series. This is going to be webinar number three together and that’s going to be happening on September 22nd. So keep an eye out for that upcoming webinar. There’s going to be some brand new Pet Finder features that they’re going to be walking us through on the Pet Finder dashboard. So keep an eye out for that item. And thanks so much for joining us today. We’re going to continue with Q&A. So feel free to stick around with us. And let’s see if somebody is asking, Oh, I liked this one because I’m on the marketing team. I like me some data analytics. Somebody said, Is there a data analytics that we can look at to see how each of our pets are doing? [01:04:50][75.7]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:04:50] I’m good. I love this so much. So whenever you log into your pet finder profile, you are immediately met with a dashboard so you can go in and see your stats. And we also have a specific section within your profile where you can see your stats. And I always recommend this. So especially if you have pets that are not moving in quite the way that you would like, can you see our webinar and you’re inspired to try something new? I would recommend going into those stats. You can look at individual pets to see the amount of use they’re getting, the amount of inquiries that they’re getting, and then the amount of inquiries you’re getting as a whole. So I would recommend kind of taking a before screenshot and then analyzing it as as you make these changes to kind of see what, what helps you or if it helps and then that can help you decide what changes you want to make for the future. But yeah, definitely play around within our our stats on petfinder. I love them. [01:05:48][57.5]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:05:50] I would recommend to you that before and after. I think it’s really important. And if you make a change to the profile or add a video and you can see the difference, that’s yeah, really paying attention to views and data is important. And what kind of trends go on. Yeah. I will also quickly tease that we have a new and really robust reporting feature coming out at the end of June. So that’s. [01:06:18][28.2]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:06:19] Good stuff. Somebody is wondering, are we able to link our individual adoptable to Facebook or just our entire pet finder accounts? [01:06:29][9.9]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:06:32] Go for your family? Yeah, you can like individuals. So if you go within, let’s say you just published a pet on Petfinder. So Lenny is my dog’s name. So let’s say I just published Lenny. You can go into that pet’s profile on your end on the pet finder and and it’ll say it’ll have little icons that say share to Facebook or or to Instagram. And then we also have a unique link that you can copy and put that within any of your social media pages. And again, that does not require you to link to you know, you don’t have to link the entire account. We don’t want you doing that as those individual profiles. No password should be required. Yes. Okay. [01:07:17][45.0]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:07:18] So I’m ensuring that there are no longer breed labeling dogs based on our esthetics, specifically when we encounter mixed breed dogs. And they’re wondering how that hinders the profile matches. [01:07:30][11.5]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:07:32] You know, I don’t think that necessarily hinders the profile match. If you are using next grade, that’s great. But if you are giving the other kind of distinguishing characteristics of that animal, there’s still a high likelihood that they’re going to get matched with pet seekers because pet stickers aren’t solely to my breed as one criteria. So I wouldn’t feel too. [01:07:54][22.6]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:07:55] Traumatized by the fact. [01:07:56][0.7]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:07:56] That you’re taking breed out, if that’s where if that’s the best representation of the pets in your care. We’re fully supportive of that. You do what’s in the best for the pets that you’re caring for. Absolutely. [01:08:08][11.7]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:08:09] And then I would also recommend utilizing those good with tags if you know this pet is good with other animals or kids and then any of the special characteristics to just just to call out some of their top personality characteristics because. I could I could really go into this one, but I want in the interest of time. But yeah, there are definitely ways that you can you can make that pet stand out aside from if you’re not using vehicles. Okay. [01:08:39][30.1]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:08:40] What about any advice on marketing transport specifically? [01:08:43][2.8]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:08:45] Telling my story, I think. Yeah. I mean, really, you know, if you’re if you’re partnering with transports and you’re partnering with other organizations, you know, early as possible, you know, asking for, you know, where this dog or cat came from. Do you know the situation? You know, any kind of little tidbit that you can get with with your organizations or groups or people that you’re working with? Were they quiet on the way up? You know, where they missing people on their way because they love people so much. You know, any kind of personality described or or back story that you can grab, get it and keep it. And any little tidbit, you never know what you can base a story off of. I know that we had in my experience, I remember a transfer dog we had and she had four lives on her back and she was ready to give birth. She just waited until she got to our center and then finally gave birth to three gorgeous puppies. But we asked the transfer, like, you know, there’s this fur loss. Do you know anything about that? What is that? And the transfer partner was able to tell us that they think that she was providing some kind of asset or some kind of chemical. So we shared that part of her story just to share her background that she’s she’s a mom, a working mom who was super sweet and still caring for her babies and needs a loving home. And she’s had a hard life, but that doesn’t define who she is. And again, I think that’s something we can all identify with that, you know, life is hard, but, you know, we make the best of it. And and I just any kind of back story, I guess that was a long rambling way to that. But, you know, having good relationships with your working partners that, you know, you’re able to share information, to really share who these pets are and their stories. I told you so. Also on pet store has been receiving. [01:10:45][119.6]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:10:45] I think we have a transport feature on Pet Finder. So that allows members to flag a pet that’s able to be transported and tag all of the destination cities that it can be traveling to so that you can have the pet appearing in search results in other parts of the United States and that will get that pet even more eyes on the profile. And if you need help using the transport feature, outreach can help you with that. Wonderful. [01:11:14][28.5]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:11:15] Okay. What about the best way to express if a dog is dog reactive and needs to be the only dog? [01:11:22][7.8]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:11:26] I think Mercy has done a great job of this. [01:11:27][1.9]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:11:28] Yeah. So the only dog that was Dalia, she was, ah, needed to be an only dog. And I think framing again what they can bring a family to a family and how the her foster and her organization discovered that she just needs to be like 100% your day every single night, you know, like she’s your only child. She wants to be an only child and love her parents. 110% is what she’ll give you. And, you know, using her personality that she’s great companion for, like someone who studies at home or works from home, that she’s great at hoovering up the crumbs under the table that she’ll watch net all of Stranger Things again, if that’s what you want to watch again this weekend, that she’s up for anything on Netflix and she won’t complain about what you pick, you know, all those kinds of personality features that you can really share and showcase. I think it gets people over the fact that perhaps she she needs a quieter home than other pets. I’ll. [01:12:34][65.7]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:12:36] All right. We still have questions flowing in. We still have about three people, 300 people hanging on on the webinar and excited to be asking some questions. So what do you think you guys want to do a couple more? [01:12:49][13.0]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:12:50] Sure. Yeah, that’s okay. All right. [01:12:53][3.7]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:12:55] How about handling minor special needs, such as indoor only? [01:12:58][3.4]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:13:01] I think you can still call that out. I mean, it’s still something that is unique to that pet. I think it can be a positive. I prefer my cats to be indoor only. So, I mean, I don’t think that’s necessarily a negative by any stretch. It’s just how you present the information. [01:13:19][18.2]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:13:24] What about? Can you add an American shelter dog as a breed? [01:13:27][3.8]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:13:30] We can add it to our list of. So we have a list of read suggestions that we pass along to our tech team. Sure. That’s a great suggestion. Yeah. Yeah. [01:13:39][9.8]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:13:41] All right. What else do you guys have if you guys have some last minute burning questions, type typos and. And look, I. [01:13:53][11.4]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:13:53] Think a lot. [01:13:54][0.7]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:13:54] Of people just thank you so much. I hope everyone enjoyed all the content today. Thank you, ladies, for all your wisdom. [01:14:03][8.7]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:14:07] Yeah. The black hat thing so like blows my mind I that it’s so weird like real or the giant cat. Why would a giant give a giant black cat? I’m sure all we need is a gigantic black cat. Oh, that’s what I had for. For many, many years. He’s on a rainbow bridge, but I had a giant black cat, and he was my heart. So I am so happy that people will wear black pants again. I’ll just say if anyone. [01:14:37][30.6]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:14:37] Thinks of questions as soon as. [01:14:39][1.3]

Marcie (Shelters United): [01:14:39] We get off of here, you’re more than welcome to email. Outrage at that. Find your account again and we’re happy to. Okay. [01:14:46][7.3]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:14:47] Well, we’ll just take one more than a final question here. How much negative information is too much? How transparent do we really need to be in these profiles? [01:14:56][9.1]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:14:58] How human is your best friend? I mean, we in our last webinar, we talked about a couple of pet postings that did a fantastic job of calling out the worst in these animals in such a humorous way that they were adopted, that like there’s a curmudgeon out there for every curmudgeonly pet. So it’s just humor. [01:15:17][19.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:15:19] Definitely that. And I will also caution, like, if you may have a really hard kind of back story that tends to be really sad. Those stories work really well for fundraising, for adoption, and specifically within adoption profiles. I would try to keep it on the lighter side and focus on their future potential. But yeah, I completely echo everything Jessica said that we can share later some of the some of the bad profiles of these bad animals. And it’s hilarious. The demon tracks in a Victorian doll. So if you’re. [01:15:57][38.1]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:15:57] Curious about to go watch the last one. Yeah, I’ve another reminder of your last tip, which was just be mindful of how much like emotional fatigue people have online. And sometimes we just don’t have the emotional space to hear really tough stories. So the humor is. [01:16:18][20.7]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:16:19] Yeah. [01:16:19][0.0]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:16:20] Just keep it right and share the information. [01:16:21][1.5]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:16:23] I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sharing the truth, but I feel that there is a way to be respectful of your followers or your Facebook fans and in a way that always we I always say I call it the emotional hijacking, kind of my own term for it. When you read something in a context, control of your emotion right away. And I you know, there’s a lot of stuff that we see that does that. So I always want to be respectful of, you know, anyone who’s reading this and keep it on a lighter side, be mindful of anyone who may be triggered. But also, it’s really important to leave people feeling empowered, inspired to help, or in a way that they can be a part of the solution. So even if they can’t adopt that pet right now that may have that story, they may know someone who does, and they can share that story in a way that makes them part of the solution to helping all pets find a home. [01:17:17][54.0]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:17:18] And I would also just really quickly tag on to that. I would include, you know, photos in that. So I would make sure that you’re including positive photos, especially for the intention of adoption. I would steer clear from any kinds of graphic photos that you may have and just lean. Lean towards the positive. Yeah. [01:17:36][17.9]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:17:38] Lovely. Okay. Fantastic. All right. That is our webinar today. We appreciate you so much for participating for joining us today. Taking out your time and attention. Thank you to all our speakers for sharing your wisdom with us. At the end of the webinar, there is going to be a brief survey and we just really want to learn from you how we can make these future webinars more impactful for you. If you have ideas about webinar topics that you’d like us to discuss or even how to use the webinar feature, if you really want to have more of a community aspect and be able to chat with people, let us know we’re open to hearing that as well. But thank you so much for joining us today. We will catch you later with a replay and we’ll see you on the next webinar. [01:18:27][48.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:18:28] Thanks to the 230 people that stayed 18 minutes for the bid. [01:18:33][5.4]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:18:34] And maybe. [01:18:34][0.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:18:36] Two points for you. [01:18:37][0.6]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:18:38] Everyone’s heard so much. So they’re saying worth it. Worth it to stay. So thank you. [01:18:44][5.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:18:44] Thanks. [01:18:44][0.0]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:18:46] Guys. Merci. What about the prize we want them for? [01:18:49][2.9]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:18:49] No. Yes. [01:18:50][1.3]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:18:51] Okay. The prize. [01:18:51][0.5]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:18:52] Values data. [01:18:52][0.4]

Mariah (Emcee): [01:18:55] Please participate in the survey at the end. Everybody that fills out the survey will be entered into this giveaway. It’ll be a random drawing, and we’ll let you know who the winners are. We’re going to have some ten lucky winners with a combination of the prizes. So please fill that out and we’ll let you know if you win the prize. Okay. [01:19:17][22.4]

Jessica (Petfinder): [01:19:18] All right, everyone. Thanks so much. [01:19:18][0.0]


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