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on products needed to heal, protect, and adopt healthy pets

We’ve got room for you in our mission-based community saving pet lives and dollars! You’re in excellent company—Shelters United consists of nearly 900+ shelters, rescues and spay/neuter organizations of all sizes, all across the country.

As a collective buying group of animal welfare organizations, Shelters United leverages the group’s buying power to negotiate lower, no haggle pricing, for all members. We need you- and the shelters, rescues and spay/neuter groups you know- to become a member for greater discounts and member benefits.




Exclusive Member-Only Benefits (more benefits added as we grow together):

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Our Shelter Specialists have 60 years combined Experience
supporting animal welfare organizations

Get personalized support from our Shelter Specialists to help you maximize your savings and introduce you to new products.

Mary Beth

Working with animals since 2003
Lives in New York


Working with animals since 2019
Lives in Alabama


A GPO—or Group Purchasing Organization—is a cooperative buying program that leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to get group discounts from suppliers. Shelters United is the first and only GPO exclusively for nonprofit animal welfare organizations.

There is no cost to participate in Shelters United. If you are an animal welfare organization- no matter how large or small- you can join.

There is no minimum purchase required and no requirement to purchase specific brands! Most of the brands you purchase are discounted and with the help of our Shelters Specialists, you will be introduced to many products that may have even greater savings.

You will not be asked for a subscription or membership fee. All you need to do is complete the distributor application.

MWI carries all major manufacturer lines, so you can combine ordering to one place / one invoice. Shelters United is a great complement to other shelter programs. In fact, some shelter programs extend pricing to MWI. Please check with your manufacturer.

MWI is a $4B distributor of animal care products, with more than 50K products and 22 distribution facilities around the U.S. delivering next-day service nationwide. They offer an expansive manufacturer network- over 1K manufactures- to provide one-stop shopping for both large and small manufacturer lines.

MWI is committed to helping Shelters United members save money on the products needed to help homeless pets. MWI was so excited by what we are doing that they agreed to give us special shelter pricing that means great savings on many of the products you normally buy.

Because we have managed so many shelter programs in the past, it is very likely that you or someone with your group has participated in one of the programs we have been responsible for. Our team has brought you the Zoetis for Shelters program, worked with you on Merck Animal Health, most of the Purina pet welfare programs and many more.

*This is an estimated annual savings based on the average savings per member in 2020. Actual savings may increase as members and discounts grow or decrease based on your annual intakes and dollars spent through your MWI distributor account.