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Save 15%+ Off
Compounded Medications for Pets

Plus, 50% off your first PetScript order
and 6 months of free maintenance medication for adopters*


Your Compounded Pet Medications Are More Affordable Than Ever!

Becoming a free member of Shelters United buying group means that your organization unlocks discounted pricing
and exclusive offers on all the medications the pets in your care need!
You can shop commercially-available medications at discounted pricing through our group distributor, MWI Animal Health.

And now, through the PetScript and Shelters United partnership, members have access to three ways to save on all their compounded pet medication needs – for stubborn, sick, and frosted pets.

Speak to a Shelter Specialist about PetScript discounts!

PetScript is the newest manufacturer partner of Shelters United, a buying group exclusively for shelters, rescues, and S/N clinics to save money on thousands of essential supplies.

Through this partnership, group members receive exclusive discounts and special offers. Ask a Shelter Specialist for more details about how to join and save, plus how to redeem the newest group discounts from PetScript!

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See How Much You Can Save

As a member of Shelters United, members save 15%+ on every PetScript medication, including additional savings on compounded medication you can’t get anywhere else.


    • PetScript is a veterinary compounding pharmacy exclusive dedicated to pet medications. They can assist the pets in your care by formulating special pet medications that perfectly meet the unique requirements of small animals. Have a unique request or order requirement? Whether you are looking for a particular formulation or you need expert pharmacists to create a brand new formulation – chances are their trained and reliable team will effortlessly fulfill the pets medication needs.
    • PetScript regularly offers 15% or more below average pricing exclusively for Shelters United members. Plus, additional deep discounts on popular medication.
    • Flavored tablets for handy for those pets with a “finer palette.”
    • Got a grumpy critter on your hands? Suspensions can help make the medicine go down.
    • Caring for pets of all sizes? Scored tablets can help with customized doses so everyone gets the pawfect amount.
    • These easy medication methods help staff, volunteers, and fosters stay on track with pet medications.


Offer Details

To qualify for 50% off your first PetScript order as a member of Shelters United, the order must be made through the Shelters United PetScript portal. Portal access will be shared with your organization after enrollment in the Shelters United buying group.

No coupon code needed to redeem 15% off future medications. All medications within the Shelters United PetScript portal are already discounted.

To qualify for 6 months of free maintenance drugs, the pet must be regularly administered medications pre-adoption that is fulfilled by PetScript. After the pet adoption, the new pet owner can contact PetScript to continue fulfillment of the medications at the time of adoption.