KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy, Assorted Characters

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      Interactive laser captivates your feline friend’s natural predatory instincts while encouraging physical activity.
      Colorful teaser toy encourages a variety of play styles including batting, chasing, swatting and bunny-kicking.
      Long handle with laser button allows for effortless control during playtime with your feline friend.
      Available in an assortment of colors and characters for a variety of purr-sonalities.
      Suitable for all breeds and ages from kittens to cats.
      Watch your feline friend fulfill her instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture with the KONG Laser Teaser Cat Toy! This two-in-one toy features an interactive laser disguised by a tantalizing teaser toy. The long handle allows you to turn the laser on and off and gives you optimal control to guide your furry friend during playtime. It is purr-fect for a variety of play styles including batting, swatting, chasing and bunny-kicking, making it especially great for beating boredom and increasing physical activity. This cat toy is suitable for all ages and breed types and comes in a variety of fun colors and characters that your kitty will love!

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