Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Large Dental Dog Treat Value Pack – 40 Count

      By Ark Naturals

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      This 4-in-1 dental care solution has a unique texture that helps fight plaque and tartar, and ridges that promote healthy teeth and gums.
      The chewy toothpaste center helps polish your pup’s teeth.
      Daily chewing and aromatic spices freshen breath.
      You can feed your dog up to 2 brushless chews per day!
      Carefully crafted in the USA.
      Help your canine companion stay “Healthy from Tooth to Tail” with Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Large Gluten-Free Dental Dog Treats. These dental goodies are formulated with real dental ingredients for results that you can see and smell say goodbye to bad breath! While your buddy chews to his heart’s content, the treat does the cleaning for you. Each treat has a unique texture that reduces plaque and tartar, ridges that help clean along your dog’s gumline, and aromatic spices that freshen breath. Plus, these 4-in-1 dental chews have a chewy toothpaste center that polishes your pal’s pearly whites! Feed your dog up to two brushless chews a day to help keep plaque, tartar and bad breath away!

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